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 NEW TO DIET DETOX WELLNESS SALON,   AS SEEN ON THE DOCTORS TODAY  MAIRE CLAIRE BUZZFEED ,  Remove smear-proof, waterproof makeup and mascara with The Original MakeUp Eraser®. Free of chemicals, this makeup remover gets rid of all types of makeup, including stage, sports, and theatrical makeup. Each cloth will last a thousand washes, and you only need to add water and then remove makeup. This ultra-soft, woven polyester-blend cloth gets rid of tough makeup without leaving behind a residue—just a fresh, healthy feeli  GOOD FOR MAKEUP ARTISTS,   STAGE MAKE-UP ACTORS,  RUNNERS,  BABBIES,  TEENS, WASH WITH WATER AND GO,  MEN,  TV ARCHORS,  JUST PLAIN TO LAZY TO WASH YOUR FACE AT NIGHT.  ORDER TODAY IT AFFORABLE GO TO   TO ORDER  DIETDETOX 515-991-0481


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